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Jackson Run South

A Masterpiece in the Midwest

CORE+ Risk with Value-add Upside

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5 Years

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Build-To-Rent (BTR) Investments Rarely See This Kind of Upside

We’re thrilled about this BTR opportunity in NW, Indianapolis’s fastest-growing suburb. Here’s why:

  1. Proven Build-To-Rent Demand in Indianapolis
    Market BTR class A occupancy is 97%, and avg 3BR BTR rent is $464 above current Jackson run South
  2. Desirable Demographic Profile
    Boone County Median Household Income: $103,728, with 5-year projected growth of 32.4% (3 mile radius)
  3. Indianapolis’s Next Growth Frontier
    Eli Lilly’s $3.7B manufacturing campus will anchor the LEAP district
  4. Lack of Single Family Home Supply
    Owning is currently 62% more expensive than renting nationally, hovering at all-time highs
  5. Proximate to LEAP Development
    Projected to bring 50,000 jobs to area
Integrity and transparency is paramount at Hudson, I’ve been investing since their inception. Their keen eyes for finding quality investments to secure my financial future has been second to none.
Jason W, Senior Finance Executive
Repeat investor with Hudson since 2021

Why Multi-Family?

  • The popularity of Build-to-Rent (BTR) properties. The monthly cost of homeownership is now 62% higher than renting managed apartments, according to Freddie Mac.
  • Investing in apartments makes sense. The diversification in multi-family real estate investments provides one of the best risk-adjusted returns for generating passive income.
  • The perfect match of problem and solution. Jackson Run South is exactly what young professionals in a booming job market like NW Indianapolis will be looking for.

Why Jackson Run South?

  • An Unusually High-Potential Location: The 3-mile surrounding area has 22% population growth and 32% median income growth. Both far exceed national averages and are 10x beyond what we usually seek as a floor.
  • Pouring “Gasoline” on the Fire of Demand: Eli Lilly will anchor the LEAP District with a $3.7 billion investment and manufacturing campus.  The potential is massive, bringing 50,000 jobs to near Whitestown. This is gasoline on the fire of existing job growth in the area.

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  • Smart investments through seasoned leadership. A rare mix of entrepreneurial success and institutional multifamily pedigree allows us to safeguard your investment and maximize returns

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