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The Difference

Our Team is Our Difference

Having all worked in big box investment firms, we each saw an opportunity for improvement in our zone of genius.

The recurring themes we were led to believe as conventional were what drove us to our unconventional approach. Enabling us to come together with the sole focus to put investors first and leave the investment industries agenda for profits behind.

Coming from institutional firms, we have all seen the wealth-creation power of Real Estate.

As Individuals, we saw opportunity for improvement in our respective areas of expertise.

Together we share a passion of educating and helping individuals use Real Estate to take control of their financial future.

Kent Ritter

Kent Ritter
Founder / CEO


Curtis Edwards
Vice President of Investor Relations

Steve Meeker
Director of Acquisitions

Sean Pfalzgraf

Taylor Cherry
Investor Experience Manager

Steve Meeker
Director of Acquisitions

Katelyn Neary
Director of Asset Management


Taylor Cherry
Investor Experience Manager

Scott Bell
Construction Manager

Luis Lunar
Marketing Manager

Sean Pfalzgraf


We Take a non-Traditional Approach to Empower our Investors

The traditional investment industry is known for keeping clients in the dark and dependent on their advisors. They use confusion as a tool to ensure that they keep profiting from their clients’ investments, leaving them with little understanding of potentially more profitable opportunities such as multi-family real estate.

Hudson Investing takes a completely different approach – one that empowers investors rather than discourages them. With the White Glow Investor Experience, they provide all the information necessary for their clients to make informed decisions about their investments and build trust with their advisors. Clients can access data regarding asset performance, strategies and profit drivers of specific investments, so they can understand what’s going on in-depth. In addition, Hudson Investing gives visibility into ongoing performance to better equip investors with the knowledge needed to make smart decisions.

In this new era of empowered investing, Hudson Investing has put its clients at the center of everything it does by providing clarity and transparency throughout the investment process. With all the tools needed to understand each step towards financial success, Hudson Investing provides an experience that is simple yet powerful for long-term profitability.

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We Take a non-Traditional Approach to Empower our Investors


Our Promise to Investors



We promise to support you with our thriving community of growth-minded people who enjoy learning and prospering together.


Investor Experience

We promise to provide the ultimate white glove treatment through transparent communication and frictionless service.



We promise to hold ourselves accountable by outperforming expected returns and delivering accurate and transparent metrics.


Adding Color & Confidence To Your Investment Experience

We didn’t feel called to reinvent the wheel, but rather to add color to the black and white experience that investors have come to expect when working with their portfolio managers.

In adding this color; our aim is focused towards creating memorable experiences, celebrating more than just the financial wins in your life, and providing you support that you can learn to count on from a community that is invested specifically in your success.


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